How to use WordPress child theme without touching in main theme?

Install the main theme first, then after it’s fully installed and all the plug-ins are installed and up to date (it will prompt you to install them) you install the child theme and activate that.

After that, if you need to make any changes to the actual files you would put them in the child theme folder instead of the main theme.

When i decide that the changes are ok, i activate the main and paste the new changes?

Nope, you just use the child, always.
The main theme will be where it reads all the original nuts and bolts of the files from, and the child theme is wrapped around it with your specific preferences and customizations.

If you ordered a dish at a restaurant their ‘original’ recipe is the main theme, and your custom order ticket (hold the sauce, add onions, etc) is the child theme.

Then, anytime you do any updates, you will update the main theme but the child theme will have all your customizations and such saved separately.

When i install a new plugin i activate the main theme or can i install it in the child theme?

You should always install the main theme first, then the child. Use the child. If you ever need to do any file customizations the child allows you to make those changes without them getting wiped out if the main theme is updated. Even if you aren’t doing file customizations, it’s always best to just use the child theme. It doesn’t hurt anything, but can save you a ton of work down the road.

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