SEO Checklist



Not everything in this SEO checklist is relevant to any situation, try to accumulate as much to promote better sections of the site.

This article was written and adapted for WordPress but any site in any language should give these accents.

  1.  You installed Google Analytics on my site
  2.  You installed a plug – promotion site (YOAST / AIO SEO)
  3.  You checked in WMT 404/500 errors, duplicate content, missing headers and other technical issues that Google found? Check that you receive email alerts on any topic from WMT.
  4.  You did keyword research to find? Without this, all your content strategy can lean on terms not convert for your site.
  5.  You took it the most important keyword you have something like a title of the site?
  6.  All titles my site are under 65 characters? Above that are cut in the search results.
  7.  All descriptions of my Diskrifshiin headquarters are 155 characters or less? Above that are cut in the search results.
  8.  You use every page in H1? Keyword your most important is it? Is it the H1 tag H2-6 before each other?
  9.  You have enough healthy content search engine site? I would recommend at least 100 words on the page that you want to give the search engines A chance to understand what each page on your site.
  10.  Do all the pictures on your site contain alternative text? Search engines love it and it also helps to improve access to the site for special populations.
  11.  You build links within the site in a friendly manner? Are you better describes anchor text the page you are linking to it?
  12.  You did optimize all images on the site? Weight / ALT TEXT / butcher names correct and so forth?
  13.  You made sure that your site does not create duplicate content? Correct definition of canonical tags will take you away from the problems facing Google and other engines
  14.  You tested the speed of my site?
  15.  You checked my site mobile friendly?
  16.  You
    opened a Facebook page and linked it to the site?
  17.  My site is stored in a serious and reliable specializes in WordPress?
  18. Grab your place in social networks, the stronger your BRAND less chance your competitors Hijacking locations or keywords.

Of course, there are endless steps to promote a new website,

But these are the first steps and minimal to your site will be considered safe and reasonable by Google.


Please let us know what do you think? Do You have more sections to add to the SEO checklist?