How to make perfect SEO and get your website all the way to the first page with Google and Bing ?

SEO To promote a website on a search engine to the first page you will need to make changes to the site itself (front site) and beyond (back site), so that it will not only look nicely designed for the user, but also will be built correctly for the search engines(HTML), especially for Google. This way, when a search engine crawls (google sends “spiders”) to your site the next time, it will come to the conclusion  that the site is built better than other sites, and places the site in a higher position in the search results than your competitors all the way to the first page.

Search engines have a large number of quality criteria that calculated to help them rate web sites. In fact, Google has over 200 different criteria to help determine on which location will each website appear in search results.

Changes to the site Content.

More quality content, means higher rank that promotes your site to the first page. So it pays to write articles and professional articles as unique  as possible.

Write the content yourself without external consulting company content writing or copywriting experts, if using experts make sure the content is unique and relevant.