SEO is always involving and changes, See Old SEO Vs new SEO 2015 Infographic Below.

Google is always trying to improve and Show us the most accurate results.

Take keywords, for example, when we thought about a keyword in the past we use to ask yourself, what is the best keyword that i would want my customers to find me on the web, if I sold bicycles I would want that when people search bicycles, my website will appear in google search result at first page at the top of the results.

Well, this is almost impossible because the competition for the word bicycles is so big and if you are a small business, there is no chance you can compete with big companies with big budget for a general word like bicycles.

Instead, look for the long tail keywords they will describe better your product, in our case is bicycles.

Mention your brand and other word that can describe your product:

Ben’s electric bicycles or Blue Classic bicycles in Los Angeles.

See this wonderful Infographic on What SEO used to be VS what is new SEO 2015


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