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What can i do with the new Android wear watch?


Call, Text, Email, Instant Message.

See who is calling you, answer and hangup your calls, read and send text, IM and Email with “ok google“.

Get updates about the Weather

See your local weather any time any where and get live updates.


See how long it will take you to get to work/home/other after you woke up late…

Next appointment

When and where is my next appointment, your Android watch will sync automatically with your calender and you will be able to see your schedule.


See all your flights information to get ready and have a great holiday.


See daily updates about your heart rate, steps and tracks.

Voice search

Say the magic words “ok google” and ask any question, say send text to…, set alarm to…, play music, reminders and much more.


Not sure where you are?  just speak “ok google” then say your destination to get turn by turn instructions.

Get live traffic updates to your watch.


Just say “Ok Google, take a note, I Love CGWmarketing. to create a note.


if you found some other cool stuff your Android wear can do Please share it with us